Terms and Conditions

The use of TTT Finance website or Call Us (Telephonic) to apply for our convenient service package, is subject to the terms and conditions set out below. Please take a moment to read these terms and conditions carefully;

1. By using or accessing any information of TTT Finance (hereinafter referred to as TTT Finance or The Company), you (the applicant/client) irrevocably agree to be bound to the following terms and conditions. Do not submit your application if you (the applicant/client) do not understand and/or agree to these terms and conditions.

2. You (the applicant/client) agree that the information you have submitted on this/your application is true and correct. You (the applicant/client) hereby furthermore agree that you (the applicant/client) have thoroughly read and understood the Terms and Conditions, Legal Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of TTT Finance and have voluntarily submitted the application for the purchase of TTT Finance’s convenient service package, under no force or duress and at your own free will. Please contact our offices at 031 3011499 or email info@tttfinance.co.za should you (the applicant/client) have any questions or queries.

3. TTT Finance and its employees act only on instructions given by the applicant/client to submit a loan application on their behalf to various financial institutions. TTT Finance and its employees will send the loan application form to any of the registered financial institutions that they may see fit.

4. Here at TTT Finance we do not conduct any credit checks therefore have no influence over declined loan applications. Please note that our affiliated panel of financial services providers may conduct a credit check in order to assist them in determining your credibility.

5. Please note, if you (the applicant/client) submits your application, and your application is accepted for our convenient service package (the applicant/client will be notified of acceptance via sms and/or email), you (the applicant/client) agree to a perpetual agreement with TTT Finance in terms of which TTT Finance will debit your account for an amount of R185.00 once off.

6. You, (the applicant/client) furthermore agree to pay the once of fee of R185.00 to TTT Finance for the convenient service package, which is a loan finding service. This fee we will be deducted directly from your bank account with the bank account details you (the applicant/client) have provided online or telephonicly, using our direct debit on your instructed salary date. In the event there are insufficient funds on your salary date we will track your account for a period of 7 (Seven) days. You (the applicant/client) hereby state that you (the applicant/client) understand and agree to the terms & conditions and give permission to debit your account on our behalf for our convenient service package, which is a loan finding service, only if your application for our service package has been accepted. You (the applicant/client) will be notified via sms and/or email whether you (the applicant/client) have been accepted for our service. I/we hereby irrevocably agree that, TTT Finance convenient service package, is a mandatory purchase in order to receive my loan finding service.

6.1 Please note: This fee has NO association with the loan, the granting of any loan, the amount on an application for a loan or the loan application as a whole.

7. You, (the applicant/client) furthermore can either do an “Easy Pay payment” at any Easy Pay kiosk using your reference number or a “Money Transfer” at any Shoprite, Pep Stores or the South African Post Office and provide TTT Finance, with the “Pin” in order to collect the payment at any Shoprite, Pep Stores or South African Post Office), or the client may make a cash payment into the TTT Finance, Banking Account as follows: Banking Institution:Standard bank Account No.252574508 Account Type: cheque Branch Code:phoenix (Please remember to insert your reference number on the deposit slip in order for us to allocate your payment)

8. Should the applicant/client not make the payment due to TTT Finance for their convenient service package, using any one of the abovementioned methods of payment, the client hereby instructs TTT Finance to load a 3 (three) day tracking our debit order, through stratcol debit orders(debit order service provider) on the client’s salary date totalling an amount of R185.00 once off.Furthermore, please be advised your (the applicant/client) bank statement, shall reflect the name together with your (the applicant/client) reference number, to clearly identify the irrevocably agreed purchase transaction between yourself (the applicant/client) and TTT Finance.

9. Should the applicant/client not honour this agreement in any way, TTT Finance has the right to take any legal action against the client in order to retrieve the outstanding fee payable to TTT Finance.

10. Should TTT Finance instruct their Attorneys to collect the yearly fee of R185.00, which includes the debit order costs from the applicant/client, the applicant/client will be held liable for all legal fees incurred, which fees will be on an attorney and applicant/client basis.

11. The Company:
  • TTT Finance focuses on providing the applicant/client with telephonic Assistance advice. Loan facilitation is our primary focus.
  • The convenient service package is a perpetual agreement, which means that the agreement will continue for an indefinite period, and you (the applicant/client) will be liable to pay a once off fee of R185.00 until you (the applicant/client) terminate the agreement as per clause

11.1 hereof.
  • TTT Finance is not a lender.
  • TTT Finance is not a broker for any financial institution and does not make cash advances or credit decisions.
  • By completing an application form from TTT Finance or from any of its financial services providers does not guarantee that you (the applicant/client) will be granted a loan.
  • TTT Finance will submit the information you (the applicant/client) provide to various brokers and/or financial institutions as instructed on your behalf.
  • In some circumstances faxing and emailing of additional documents may be required.
  • For details, questions and pay outs, it is the applicant’s/client’s responsibility to contact the Lender directly.
  • TTT Finance sells a CONVENIENT Service Package, which is a loan finding service for a once off fee of R 185.00 which is a MANDATORY purchase in order to receive the loan finding service.
  • The fee of R185.00 has no association to the loan application, as the loan finding service is an added benefit to TTT Finance‘s convenient service package.

12. Privacy Policy Statement: Protecting your privacy is important to TTT Finance and our employees. We have created this privacy policy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. The following discusses our information gathering and dissemination practices.

13. How do we use information that we collect: To process your financial services referral request, we require your completed application form and the relevant supporting documentation. This information is used by the third party product and service providers in our network to provide accurate response to your enquiries. We provide this information to them on your behalf in order for them to provide a product or service to you (the applicant/client). (Unless otherwise notified by us, these companies do not have any right to use the personally identifiable information we provide to them beyond what is necessary to assist us).

14. Marketing Opting In: TTT Finance does not sell, trade or otherwise share the information we collect, outside of our company, however, we may from time to time use this information for the purposes of offering or marketing additional services, promotions, including promotions, products and/or services offered by third parties. The communication of these promotions, products or services may be via SMS, Email, Post, and Telephonic and not limited hereto. You (the applicant/client) hereby agree to the usage of your personal information by TTT Finance, its branches and/or affiliates in this regard.

15. Opting Out: If you (the applicant/client) do not want to receive promotional information from us, you (the applicant/client) can contact us at any time to opt out by sending an email to info@tttfinance.co.za. Please note that if you (the applicant/client) opt out of receiving promotional material from us, you (the applicant/client) may still receive such material from our third party content providers, affiliates and other parties to whom we provide your information in the course of doing business.

16. Termination:

16.1 You (the applicant/client) can terminate the agreement subject to the following conditions:

16.1.1 If you (the applicant/client) are accepted for our convenient Service package, you (the applicant/client) are entitled to a 7 (seven) day cooling off period to cancel your application. This cancellation must be received in writing, or any other recordable form, by TTT Finance from you (the applicant/client) within the 7 (seven ) day cooling off period, from the actual date of your application being made with TTT Finance for their convenient service package, whether you (the applicant/client) have applied online or telephonic. If you (the applicant/client) decide to cancel your application for TTT Finance’s convenient service package, outside of the cooling off period, no refund will apply OR if no payment has been received by TTT Finance, you (the applicant/client) shall remain liable for the payment.

16.1.2 TTT Finance will send you (the applicant/client) an electronic notice 40 business days before the anniversary date of the perpetual agreement. In this you (the applicant/client) will be reminded of the annual fee/s as well as given the opportunity to terminate the agreement before a specified date.

16.1.3 If the applicant/client is deceased.

17. IMPORTANT NOTICE: TTT Finance or any of its employees does not give out financial advice. We operate an online and/or telephonic referral service and we forward on all your requests and applications to qualified and registered financial services providers with whom we have pre-arranged agreements. You (the applicant/client) will deal directly with these advisors after TTT Finance has submitted your application.

18. Marketing: The Company markets itself by means of local newspaper advertisements and the internet via the company website and not limited to the website, and at no time guarantees that a loan will be granted to the applicant/client. If the applicant/client should make a telephonic application for our service package, the company telesales marketers are trained to fully explain the product being sold to the public and the prospective applicant/client is asked whether they comprehend or have further questions pertaining to said product. Telemarketing sessions are recorded and the prospective applicant/client is informed thereof prior to the session.

19. Product: The Company sells a perpetual convenient service package, comprising of a loan finding service at a fee of R 185.00 once offwhether such applicant/client requires a personal loan, mortgage bond or study loan etc. The function of applying for a loan through various financial institutions is outsourced to a finance broker who attends to the loan application process. Loans are obtained from financial institutions who are compliant with statutory regulations pertaining to financial services.

20. Guarantees: 1. The Company endeavours to ensure that the telephonic Assistance advice given is accurate at all times. 2. The Company does not guarantee that the applicant/client will be granted the loan nor the amount of such loan, as such application is subject to the client’s credit history And qualifying requirements being satisfactory met. 3. The Company does warrant a committed professional service and that the loan application will be professionally processed within a reasonable period of time on proviso that the applicant/client has duly complied with the application requirements. 4. The service entitles the applicant/client to a professional effective application without personally attending various financial institutions to obtain said finance. 5. The personal documentation submitted to the Company by the applicant/client is treated with the utmost confidentiality and to be used solely for the purpose of obtaining finance for said applicant/client.

21. Dispute/Complaint Procedure: The Company is committed to prime customer service policy and therefore invites dissatisfied applicants/clients to an open door complaints procedure which will promptly attend to said complaint by emailing: info@tttfinance.co.za. As per the requirements of the Consumer Protection Act No. 68 of 2008, should you (the applicant/client) feel the need to lodge a complaint about the service we provide, kindly forward your complaint as we strive to resolve all complaints within 96 hours from date of receipt.

22. Jurisdiction: The applicant/client and Company consents to the jurisdiction of Magistrates Court should any legal disputes arise which have not been resolved internally. The applicant/client pays a fee of R185.00 once off, for the convenient service package. These fees are strictly non refundable upon the agreement to these terms and conditions, except in the circumstances where the applicant/client exercises his/her right to terminate the agreement as per clause 16.1 hereof.

23. In Conclusion: A facsimile and/or email copy of the Loan application form constitutes the original. All online applications, through the company website, for our service package, by ticking the box, before submitting your online application, constitutes a digital signature of the applicant/client for the irrevocable agreement to the Terms & Conditions, Terms of Use, Legal Disclaimer and Privacy Policy of the company, which confirms the applicant/client has read and understood.

24. In the event your loan application being declined by any of our affiliated financial services providers, you (the applicant/client) will remain on the company database and you (the applicant/client) are more than welcome to contact us at a later/any stage to re-submit your application to our affiliated financial service providers at an additional service costs, whilst you (the applicant/client) are a paid client with TTT Finance.